Bali Regional Election Commission Launched

Cover I Made Mangku Pastika Bali Governor

Denpasar, Sigmanews- Regional Election Commission Bali, Saturday night  launched the General Election Bali (Pemilikada) 2013 in Denpasar Cultural Park. The launch was marked by the Bali Pilgub voter data submission to the Chairman of the Governor of Bali Election Commission.

Launch Pilgub Bali 2013 is packaged in the euphoria of a democratic party with a night featuring the art of puppet performances. At the launch of Bali's local elections also introduced a mascot 'Tualen', the mascot of Bali Provincial Election 2013. In the puppet story, 'Tualen' known as someone who oversees the running of the government.

At the launch of the Bali Pilgub 2013, the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika submit Data Population Potential Voter Election (DP4) to the Chairman of the Commission of Bali, Ketut Putra Sukawati Lanang prestige.

"Tonight was the election chief and deputy chief area of ​​Bali Provincial Government officially launched. Bali General Election to be held on May 15, 2013, "said Lanang Son prestige. Bali governor election on May 15, 2013, said Lanang, Bali is expected to result in a quality leader.

"The number 13 symbolizes the Tri Daksa alphabet with 13 names of Gods and witness the universe. We expect leaders who produced the Bali governor election 2013 is a quality leader, a leader who shall carry out the mandate of the ancestral archipelago, "he said.

As for voters in Pilgub Bali, Bali General Elections Commission opens online registration for people who have not listed by name on the provisional voters list for elections 2013.

"People can check the already registered or have not been through our website at For registration via online, people have to fill in the card number households (HH) which aims to voters in a single family can cast at polling stations (TPS) of the same.

In addition to checking online, people can also find registered or not by sending short messages (SMS) to the number (0361) 7438282. How, by typing the number of the parent population (space) district / city, then sent to the call center numbers.

Pemuktahiran voters list KPU officially began December 8, 2012. KPU Bali Pilgub predict voter turnout in 2013 reached 3.4 million based on the estimated growth in population and the data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali. This was an increase compared to the current 2009 legislative elections the number of 2.667 million people.(bb)

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