Ibas: That accusation is 1000% Not True

Cover Ibas

Jakarta, Sigmanews-  Secretary General of the Democratic Party Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono (Ibas) claimed not to know Yulianis related to allegedly accepting money in the Hambalang project.

"I don’t know Yulianis, I also don’t know Mindo. That accusation was has defamed me. Already I said earlier, it's 1,000 percent not true," he continued  "I've been accused. Accuser it had already sentence and known. Century  Money,  Hambalang money, or whatever it that relates to with cases that had been circulating, do not let this continue happen especially  to me. I has repeatedly insisted it was not true. I did not receive anything, "he said.

Ibas make sure he does not accept money in his capacity as Chairman of the SC Democratic Congress.

"I am the Chairman of the SC Democratic Congress in Bandung, and I did not receive any money. Instead I want to know who is and who behalf on me of if the money was named right on me," he said.

Ibas suspect political interests behind the accusations that want into the vortex. No mention of the vortex what he meant.


"I was wondering, what was the political interests behind the issues that me wanted in the vortex?" he said.

Ibas expect the press to maintain professionalism under the code of conduct.


"I appreciate the freedom of the press, but freedom of the press and on the basis of ethical code of conduct in order to press ahead to maintain professionalism profession," he said. [ant]

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