Drink Milk and Cheese Dangerous For Breast Cancer

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Sigmanews - An American study recently revealed that eating three types are considered healthy snacks that it can inhibit the chances of survival for women with breast cancer. That's because the hormone estrogen found in milk and other dairy products may promote tumor growth.

The scientists showed that the milk consumed in Britain and the United States, all of it comes from pregnant cows that are rich in estrogen. Women who consumed a product containing full-fat milk every day, 50 percent likely to die from the disease.

Approximately one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in his life, and there are about 50,000 new cases per year. Even though chances of survival are much better than other forms of the disease are leading to 11,800 deaths annually.

According to Susan Kutner of breast care center, said many women are asking what he should eat. Susan and easily respond to advise the woman to switch to low-fat dairy products.

"This study looked specifically at the women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. And how low or high-fat dairy products may be affected," said Sally Greenbrook as quoted Dailymail. (pm)

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