Problems of Bidikmisi Start Forging Light

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Sigmanews - Since January 2013 crisscrossing the liquid funds Bidikmisi program finally began to find a bright spot.

Reportedly, the problem occurs in the center of the new management system launched by Higher Education. The issue of the money going straight down to the account without intermediaries’ college student, it's true.

This is evidenced by the ongoing activities of the opening of new accounts by some State Universities are deliberately organized to follow the new melting system.

To note, the previous disbursement system is the money sent down from the center to the KPPN (State Treasury), after funding was KPPN then the college will make SPM (Payment Order) along with the Rector's Decree.

So the party that had been disbursed KPPN and send the cost of living scholarships to beneficiaries, not the college. The college only gives SPM if the funds are already in KPPN then KPPN sent to the student account. If there is any fault of the college, the only problem that has not gone down Rector.

Unlike delivered from a facebook group bidikmisi in one famous campus in the city of Bandung, told that this year will be held in the new melting system, the Budget Disbursement System 2013. Scholarships living expenses for all recipients will be disbursed directly from the center, and the Bank was the winning tender, not anymore Bank BNI.

Thus, there will be the opening of new accounts to all students enrolled to be held by Bank Mandiri. There is information that the Bank will directly come to campus for the opening of new accounts. This can lead to delayed disbursement bidikmisi this month.

From this information, it can be seen that the performance of the management of the fund. Of a delay in the disbursement of the management of the centers definitely less vigilant.

It is a pleasure for the evaluation of Higher Education and all the institutions associated with the disbursement of funds bidikmisi, so that in the future they can be more sensitive to the risks arising from the delay in the melt. (Pm / reporter: Intan Pertiwi)

Editor : Putumerta