Snacks Crackers Unique, Typical Cililin Bandung

Cover Kerupuk Gurilem

Sigmanews - Region Cililin, West London, to talk a lot because a lot of misfortune befalls landslide casualties.

In regard to other woods, not landslide the conversation many people only, however, a typical cracker snacks Cililin named Gurilem very famous in the area there. Crackers such a long round worm is not as famous as other crackers. However, if looked of flavors and shapes, crackers gurilem definitely much more favored because the price is cheap.

Crackers this one has its own allure. In addition because the price is cheap, gurilem also packaged in a variety of flavors. There gurilem spicy, salty, very spicy, savory or a combination of all the flavors that.

If you look at the fact that the majority of the Indonesian people love the taste of spicy, the flavors present gurilem corresponding to the tongue of Indonesia. It took a lot of water to compensate spicy. Not far from the other spicy chips, gurilem equally spicy and has a distinctive spicy level. We just choose which one suits taste tongue and our mood.


Not only that, gurilem also suitable to be used as a snack in our busy schedules. But, not infrequently the people presenting with heavy food such as fried rice or coffe too. That means, gurilem can be eaten as a snack, as well as friends could be rice or other heavy foods.

Along with the development of the domestic snack, gurilem no less soaring with other snacks. Currently gurilem began to spread in the rural areas, especially in West Java itself. However, because it is distinctive and does not spend a lot, starting gurilem popular and widely produced by people outside the area of ​​West Java.

Gurilem are being produced elsewhere turned out to have little difference from the typical gurilem Cililin. What distinguishes gurilem crackers from the cracker gurilem Cililin area from other areas is great. Variations from the crackers gurilem Cililin more than other areas.

With so many flavor variations of this gurilem crackers, making crackers lovers and connoisseurs do not feel bored because they can try crackers gurilem from one flavor to another flavor.

For some people, the name gurilem seen as an abbreviation of savory and peplum (soft), a shorthand name that is very thick with the language. Because it is thick with Sudanese culture some have called the Sunda craker. (Pm / reporter: Intan Pertiwi)

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